Partner Portal overview

Our Partner Portal is a unique and comprehensive tool for managing your domain portfolio in an easy and efficient way. A unified portal that allows you to perform all types of transactions through one interface. 

Getting started

Partner Portal is a unified portal to register, transfer, delete, expire or renew domains with just a few clicks. In the Partner Portal, you have access to an extensive domain knowledge database. It provides you with broad coverage of industry news, data requirements, documentation requirements, legal issues, validation rules, and processing automation.

Creating your account

Every individual and organization can create an account at the Partner Portal by filling in the reseller form. 

Pin verification

Each partner has a unique username and password to log in to the Partner Portal. The username and password of the Partner Portal are provided to the partner when they register as a reseller or partner.   

  1. Sign in to the partner portal.
  2. To retrieve the pin, click on the top right-hand side of the page to Show the pin.

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When login into the Partner Portal you will land on the home page which will redirect you and take you to all the necessary information and management of domains that you are looking for.

TLD news

TLD news gives a brief update about anything new or informative that will be taking place for any Top Level Domain or other products, e.g. SSL Certificates.
We keep you informed on registry policy changes like new eligibility requirements that might require taking action for your domains, launches of new TLDs including the different phases of the launching process, price changes, the introduction of new products, important changes to SSL Certificates or the end of support for a suspended TLD.  

tld_news.PNG Service information

Our TLD Kit is a database containing information about available TLDs, registry requirements, and related order types. Any updates, amendments, or changes that happen are raised under service information.


Registries maintenance 

We keep you informed about upcoming maintenances for our own production system, our vendors, and on the registry level.


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