Updating AuthInfo

The Auth-Code or transfer key is the essential requirement for most TLDs if the reseller would like to transfer a domain from the current registrar. The Auth-Code ensures that the usage of the domain management is with the verified person, avoiding any breach of contract or unauthorized usage of the domain.

Most automated TLDs Auth-Codes can be retrieved via the partner portal. Every reseller associated with Ascio has login credentials to log in to the partner portal and retrieve the Auth-Codes.

Updating the auth code

  1. Log in to the Ascio partner portal.
  2. From the left side panel, go to Domains followed by Search.
  3. Insert the domain name in the search box and press Search domains.
  4. Select the small box beside the domain name to activate the Manage menu above the domain.
  5. Select Auth info from the Manage dropdown.
  6. Press Validate.
  7. Press Submit to create the order.
  8. Once the order has been completed, you can get the details of the auth code from the system.
  9. Search the domain under Domains, Search again and click on the domain name.dosjks.PNG
  10. From the right side, the section Domain Data will open. You can find the Auth-Code under Domain Details.djjf.PNG

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