Two-factor authentication

As part of our efforts to increase security, we've implemented two-factor authentication (2FA) into the login procedure of the Ascio portal. 2FA is a free-of-charge service, mandatory for all partners to implement. Once enabled on your account, it automatically affects all users.


An email is sent to you one week before activating 2FA on your account, so you have time to prepare and inform all users. 2FA requires an external device, such as a smartphone or an Ipad. On this device, you need to download a two-factor authentication app, for example, Google Authenticator for IOS or Authy for Android.


  1. Login to the Ascio portal.
  2. Select Next to view the QR code for your authentication app of choice.
  3. Configure your authentication app for the Ascio portal. Enter the code provided by the app into the 2FA code field. 
  4. Click Finish
  5. Click Continue to the Ascio Partner Portal to return to the login page.
    Note: Future login requests require the 2FA code displayed on your device. 

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Lost device

Click the Lost your phone? link to begin setup from the start of the setup process. Once complete, the app deletes the old profile.

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